Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Rem finally likes going to the park.

She loves to wear the pitcher on her head. She's such a strange girl. 

At the airport waiting for Aunt Kenzie. That's her plane in the background. 

 She loved her blueberry, spinach smoothie. She looks like a crazy person. 

The other night I could tell Remy was still hungry. She kept going to the fridge so I opened it up to see if she would tell me what she wanted. She picked a tomato and she ate the whole thing like an apple. 

The next couple picture are from Maddox's second birthday party. Lyndsey made a special Cookie Monster cupcake just for Remy. She loved it! Thanks Lynds for making it so Remy didn't have to miss out on all the fun. 

Katie and Courtney Erickson played with Remy almost the whole time. It was so nice to not have to worry about Remy for a little bit. Thanks girls! 

She makes the funniest faces!



We don't have the chance to get pictures of all three of us very often and we had Kenzie around to take some pictures so we went out to Zeelandia. Well, none of them really worked out. It was crazy windy and so much garbage and seaweed had washed up. But I'll share a few that didn't turn out too bad. 

Not impressed that we got chocolate chip cookies and she only got crackers. 

Kenzie took this picture. We went out to eat the night before Kenzie had to go home. 
We loved having you Kenz!

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  1. love her crazy blueberrie smoothie pic and the one of her on the stairs at the slide is super cute too! love :)