Monday, 24 September 2012

Busy August!

Joel's family came to visit us in the middle of August as soon as he was done his last exam. It was so much fun having them here and we're so glad they came to see us! 

After having them at our house, we flew back to Alberta with them. It was a quick trip and very busy but it was so nice to spend time with our families. 

Remy could not get enough of the bathtub (because we don't have a tub here on Statia)...

...or of Omar...

...and she had so much fun playing with Bryn.

We went up to the cabin ("Up in the Hills"). She loved the creek even though it was freezing (at least compared to the Caribbean ocean she's used to :)).

Isn't it beautiful? One of my favorite places in the whole world. :)

We went to the zoo!

Remy just loves being with Grandma and Grandpa!

We played on the farm. She loves animals and had so much fun!

She had so much fun with her Grandmas and Grandpas and still talks about them everyday. 

We went to Waterton with Joel's family. It was such a nice day!

Since we've been home 

Remy has a new love for her stuffed animals. She's always been really good at going to sleep but we now let her pick which animals she wants to sleep with. She always picks her 3 kitties and Cookie Monster. She gets so excited to go to bed because she gets to sleep with her friends. It is so cute!! 

Grandma Wolsey got Remy a Mr. Potato Head. She loves playing with it but she has to wear the blue glasses while she does it (she never puts the red ones on). She's such a funny girl. 

 Yum! Chocolate Chip Pancakes!!!

Having a picnic with the stuffed animals. 

Remy is growing up so fast. She now talks constantly and puts more and more words together every day. She has the cutest little voice.
She is now only in diapers for sleeping and it is so nice not changing diapers all the time.
She also LOVES her baby dolls. She puts them down for naps. She walks them. She puts them on the toilet to pee just like her. She feeds them. She gives them baths with wipes... I really need to get a video of her playing with her dolls.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Her ter Threr a Perferct Sperral! (How to Throw a Perfect Spiral!)

1. Herld der berl ern yer hernd ernd lerk ert wherr yer wernt ter threr der berl. Perrl berk yer erm ernd merk yer berl-threrring ferce. (Hold the ball in your hand and look at where you want to throw the ball. Pull back your arm and make your ball-throwing face.)

2. Threr der berl ernd merk ert sperrn! (therse ers cerrld a sperral whern der berl sperrns rernd ernd rerrnd) (Throw the ball and make it spin! (this is called a spiral when the ball spins round and round))

3. Merk sure thert yer sperrn der berl. THERSE ERS VURRRY ERMPERTERNT! (Make sure that you spin the ball. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!)

4. Smerl rerl berg bercerz....... (Smile real big because.......)


Friday, 7 September 2012

A Year on Statia

Well, it has been a year! Can you believe how much she's changed?