Friday, 30 March 2012

Speargun, Blender, Smoothie, Chair, Remy, and more...

Thick-crust pizza with gouda cheese and fresh oregano homemade crust

Here's my spearGUN this time. Now those barracudas don't stand a chance.

Mmm... fresh guava and peach smoothie in our new blender :)

New studyin' chair

Remy stacked these all by herself

She brought this to me and wanted to wear it :)

Remy's new play area in her room

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Pole Spear :)

This is how you use the pole spear

Here's me with my new 8-foot spear pole

Sunday, 25 March 2012

In the Water and at the Beach :)

These videos were taken yesterday at the beach (and in the water right by the beach). They will look the best if you follow the link to YouTube on the bottom right of the video viewer and then select "1080p" for the quality (also on the bottom right part of the video viewer).

There was a turtle swimming around right here. This one has the best footage right at the end, so watch all of it :)

Remy loves when we (Joel) dig holes for her in the sand

This is a type of fish called a Permit. There were a bunch of them right by the beach yesterday. Like as soon as we got in the water they were right there... and they just swam around everyone for at least an hour or so. The main one in this video was pretty big.

Here's a panoramic view (out of the water and in it) of the area right close to the main beach. 

Here's a cool looking fish 

This is a panoramic view just a little farther out (but still by the beach). Here is some of the reef/rocks area where the fish like to be. The snorkelling is actually a lot better in some other areas... this is just right by the beach. :)

Kayleigh and Remy in the water

And a few pictures...

She's standing in the hole

While I was out in the water, I took a picture of the Quill (the volcano) and the fort.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


The mosquitos here are small, dark, and sneaky. They fly around your legs and are really hard to spot. They're way faster than the mosquitos back in Canada.

Joel says Remy's hair looks best like this :)

Remy did this all by herself. Pretty good for 14 months!

 Just back from the beach. As you can tell, Remy LOVES Guava :)

Out on the balcony again.

Reading her bedtime story with dad.

Just chillin'

They're just laying some piping for water in front of our house.

Monday, 5 March 2012

She loves her Daddy:)

Kisses and Shoes video.

This yacht was here a couple days ago. It looks pretty nice :)

Big house on the way to Zeelandia Beach. 

She was looking at a bird.

This was during THE BIGGEST TANTRUM OF HER LIFE!!! :) She woke up one morning and I was getting her a drink of milk in her sippy cup...but I needed to wash the cup first. I wasn't fast enough and apparently that was worth having a meltdown over. She screamed and writhed around on the floor for 15 minutes despite our best efforts to calm her down. Good thing this is a rare occurrence :)

Remy LOVES the photo album Grandma and Grandpa Quinton gave her for Christmas/Birthday. She pulls it out almost every day to look at...but she'll only give kisses to Maggie. 

She LOVES my sunglasses and always wants to wear them.