Monday, 5 March 2012

She loves her Daddy:)

Kisses and Shoes video.

This yacht was here a couple days ago. It looks pretty nice :)

Big house on the way to Zeelandia Beach. 

She was looking at a bird.

This was during THE BIGGEST TANTRUM OF HER LIFE!!! :) She woke up one morning and I was getting her a drink of milk in her sippy cup...but I needed to wash the cup first. I wasn't fast enough and apparently that was worth having a meltdown over. She screamed and writhed around on the floor for 15 minutes despite our best efforts to calm her down. Good thing this is a rare occurrence :)

Remy LOVES the photo album Grandma and Grandpa Quinton gave her for Christmas/Birthday. She pulls it out almost every day to look at...but she'll only give kisses to Maggie. 

She LOVES my sunglasses and always wants to wear them. 

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