Wednesday, 18 January 2012


We just want to share a few (meaning a ton) pictures with you of Statia.

The Police Station

This is one of the Chinese owned stores. We shop here often.

"A clean Statia is a beautiful 1"

The Seventh Day Adventist. They are the main religion on the island so everything is closed on Saturday, their sabbath. 

This is a picture taken from the main road looking at the quill and at our house. You can kind of see it in this picture but I zoomed in a little in the next picture so you can see it better. Our house is the yellow and green house. 

The alley.

I am standing on the slave trail looking down at the beach in the next two pictures. 

That is Saba in the background.

The Slave Trail. 

In this picture I am standing on the slave trail looking over at The Fort. 

The Fort.

One of the streets.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The next three pictures are of Remy before we left to go back to Canada for Christmas. The first two are some of my favourite of Remy. You can definitely tell she's a beach bum. Just look at that tan :)

She climbs on top of anything she can.

The next 4 pictures are of us while we were home for Christmas. It was so much fun to go home to Canada. We had so much fun with family. We were spoiled, and Joel and I were finally able to spend some time without Remy. It had been a while and we are so grateful for everyone that babysat. 

I think this is the first picture of just us since our wedding photos. 

Remy loved the snow...what there was of it anyway. 

These next pictures are since we have been home. 

Remy sweeping the floor. 

Remy loves clothes. At the end of most days I find the bottom dresser drawer emptied and sometimes even the laundry hampers. She loves trying on clothes... as you will see from the next couple pictures. 

First time we've seen a boat like this here. 

Our beautiful sunset. These are the moments when I feel like I could live here forever. 

Friday, 13 January 2012