Monday, 12 September 2011

Just More Pictures

 This is where Joel goes to school.
 This is the street by the school looking at the Quill.
Don't worry we disabled the airbag.
 Our sweet ride!

 Our neighbourhood goats.
 The ocean during the storm.
 Our beautiful sunset.

 She is getting so big we can hardly believe it.

You can see how big our balcony is in this picture.


  1. when did her hair get so light? I remember it being darker? she sure is a cutie! hope you are enjoying life in the sun!

  2. That sunset is beautiful!
    annnd sweet new ride, we're jealous!

  3. Tyler said that we will have to take a vacation to the Caribbean to visit you guys. And I think he was serious... :) I love you guys!! Miss you bunches and so jealous of your adventure!